Travelogue: Hay on Wye

I am something of a bookaholic so friends recommended that I visit Hay-on-Wye, the book store town.  It made a nice stopping point between south Wales and Salisbury.  We arrived around noon and started with a lunch at the cozy Blue Boar pub.   The town has new and second hand bookstores throughout its winding, narrow streets. There is also an extensive “honesty” bookstore…basically book shelves around the castle that offer paperbacks for 30p and hardbacks for 50p.  I picked up Paul Theroux’s The London Embassy from those shelves.  I bought an old copy of Wordsworth in another story.  It seemed appropriate since our visit to the Lake District and Dove Cottage.  Also found an anthology of poetry about London in another shop.  Finally, I couldn’t resist The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn that I found in the book store located in Hay Castle.

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4 Responses to Travelogue: Hay on Wye

  1. KarenR says:

    We loved Hay on Wye. And North Wales was wild and wooly. Your lighthouse idea sounds fabulous. Maybe summer time would be a good choice. It actually snowed a little today and we’re in the south now.

  2. Nancy Marshall says:


    You may not be reading your comments anymore, but I think your travelogues were absolutely fabulous! I was so looking forward to opening your site each day to see what you had been doing in the past 24 hours. To take the time to do the writing and upload pictures after you had been out and about (heavily) all day and evening is an amazing feat in itself!

    What is your next planned trip?

    Best regards, Nancy

  3. KarenR says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed my little travel journal. It was fun to post knowing that people at home were reading along. It also helped me keep up with what we did and get the pictures organized along the way.

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