I am sitting in the shade of the oak tree in my back yard where I get three bars on the wifi connection.  (Unfortunately, my battery is in the red and I have no power nearby but that’s another story…) I am realizing the joys of working from home for yourself.  My nose has been to the programming grindstone all week, first in Flash and then in php/sql.  The projects are basically completed so I’m treating myself to a morning of getting caught up.  I love the fact that I was able to schedule a meeting from my laptop in the backyard and who knows, if the weather is nice on Monday, I may conduct it from here, too.

I’ve been reading away but I don’t have enough battery power for that kind of blogging.  I put together a mosaic instead.  A little of everything from the past month: flowers, WM, Denver.  Enjoy!

May Mosaic

1. 113/365 for 2010 The Greenhouse in Spring, 2. 114/365 for 2010 Purple Columbine, 3. 115/365 for 2010 Early Rose, 4. 116/365 for 2010 Still Life with Wygelia, 5. 117/365 for 2010 House, Field, Sky, 6. 118/365 for 2010 Lily of the Valley, 7. 119/365 for 2010 What time is it?, 8. 120/365 for 2010 The Big Blue Bear, 9. 121/365 for 2010 Immigration Protest in Denver, 10. 122/365 The Molly Brown House, 11. 123/365 Along the Street, 12. 124/365 for 2010 Worth The Wait, 13. 125/365 for 2010 Foxglove, 14. 126/365 for 2010 Spring, 15. 127/365 for 2010 Roses!, 16. 128/365 for 2010 Strawberries!

Happy Earth Day!

It is a beautiful day here in the ‘burg! The early morning rain cleared off and now it is sunny and warm. I saw my first hummingbird, huddling cold and wet on the feeder outside the front window. I worked all morning putting together slides for a presentation next week but then had to go outside. There should be some perks to working from home, right? I took some pictures to commemorate the holiday and then walked down the winery road with Tina Turner, my beagle, not the singer. Perfect!

I’ve got an hour before the webinar and am planning to head back outside with holiday-appropriate reading: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard. I’m supposed to have it done by book group on Sunday…we all picked different books this month. I’m enjoying it: thick prose and sometimes disturbing images of nature that jar a bit but seem authentic. I’m not sure I always completely understand her philosophical points but she captures the moment better than anyone I know. Her concerns about missing spring really spoke to me:

So, I have been thinking about the change of seasons. I don’t want to miss spring this year. I want to distinguish the last winter frost from the out-of-season one, the frost of spring. I want to be there on the spot the moment the grass turns green. I always miss this radical revolution: I see it the next day from a window, the yard so suddenly green and lush I could envy Nebuchadnezzar down on all fours eating grass. This year I want to stick a net into time and say ‘now,’ as men plant flags on the ice and snow and say, ‘here.’ But it occurred to me that I could no more catch spring by the tip of the tail than I could untie the apparent knot in the snakeskin; there are no edges to grasp. Both are continuous loops.

That desire to capture spring is one of the reasons I’m taking so many pictures this year. Well, that and the new phone!

I’m going to take some other ecology related book with me on Sunday in hopes of convincing them to read one or two: maybe Wallace Berry and Barbara Kingsolver. I’ve still got to finish Bound for Glory and the Civil War essays.

Spring Mosaic

I just updated my flickr photostream and added photos to my Spring 2010 set.  I thought it would make a nice mosaic. Some but not all are part of my Project 365 set.


1. The Pond in Spring, 2. 96/365 for 2010 Candy Tuft, 3. 98/365 for 2010 The Hoop House, 4. The Hoop House, 5. 92/365 for 2010 Yet Another Dogwood, 6. P4070416, 7. 97/365 for 2010 Wysteria, 8. 95/365 for 2010 Gourd in the Dogwood, 9. 94/365 for 2010 Dogwood Update, 10. 93/365 for 2010 Orchids, 11. 86/365 for 2010 Forsythia, 12. 85/365 for 2010 Camellias, 13. 81/365 for Project 2010 Early Daffodils, 14. 108/365 for 2010 Winged Beauty, 15. 107/365 for 2010 Irises, 16. 106/365 for 2010 Celebration in White!, 17. 105/365 for 2010 Wild Azalea at Morris Creek, 18. 104/365 for 2010 Honeysuckle, 19. 103/365 for 2010 Hostas, 20. P4140413, 21. P4140412, 22. 91/365 for 2010 Snowball Bush, 23. P4140409, 24. 99/365 for 2010 Jack in the Pulpit

New Project 365 Mosaic

Starting with the 26th photo for the year…


1. 26/365 for 2010 Muddy Day Walk, 2. 27/365 for 2010 They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To, 3. 28/365 for 2010 My Girl, 4. 29/365 for 2010 Downy Woodpecker, 5. 30/365 for 2010 Decorations, 6. 31/365 for 2010 Rabbit Tracks in the Snow, 7. 32/365 for 2010 Sun and Icicles, 8. 33/365 for 2010 Icicles and Honeysucle, 9. 34/365 for 2010 Baby Sweaters, 10. 35/365 for 2010 Shaker Shells, 11. 36/365 for 2010 Why Do I Always Wait?, 12. 37/365 for 2010 It’s Snowing!, 13. 38/365 for 2010 Mockingbird, 14. 40/365 for 2010 Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?, 15. 39/365 for 2010 The Cabin in the Snow, 16. 42/365 Bookshelf Decoration, 17. 41/365 for 2010 Chandelier, 18. 45/365 for 2010 Noble Dogs, 19. 44/365 for 2010 The Garden Gate, 20. 43/365 for 2010Nandina, 21. 49/365 for 2010 Look Up, 22. 47/365 for 2010 Books on the Shelf, 23. 48/365 for 2010 Louise, 24. 51/365 for 2010 White Throated Sparrow, 25. 46/365 for 2010 Cardinal in the Snow

There’s No Accounting For Taste

I just finished my first Early Reviewer book for LibraryThing: The Cart Before the Corpse by Carolyn McSparren.  A mystery set in Appalachian Georgia with a backdrop of carriage racing.  I enjoyed it…not great literature but in the same tradition as Janet Evanovich and Diane Mott Davison.  You can read my review at LT.  Here’s the funny part: I was all excited about my review so once it was posted, I went to the page and read the other review.  That reviewer HATED the book!  Thought it was boring, figured out the murdered right away, etc. etc. etc.  Oh well, as my father says, the world would be very dull if we all thought alike.  I did find myself second guessing my review but I really did enjoy the book.

The mystery was my first book of 2010.  I joined the LibraryThing 75 book challenge so I’ve got just 74 to go.  I better pick up the pace a bit.  I’m still working on Scandalmonger by William Safire and hope to find time to finish it tomorrow.

Project 365 Update: So far, I’ve kept up with taking a picture each day rather than drawing on already posted picture.  You can view my pictures here.

My First Photo

I’ve always wanted to participate in the photo a day project but I haven’t been able to get it together.  A colleague’s tweet today reminded me.  It’s already dark outside so I wandered around the living room taking pictures of Christmas decorations.  Here is today’s entry, a star from my Christmas tree:


I tend to be an occasional photographer so I’m hoping this project will make me a bit more dedicated.  I discovered about 40 photos on my camera from the past three months or so.