Getting Caught Up I

It’s great to be home!  I’ve been in Denver since last Friday at the American Educational Research Association annual meeting where I presented my dissertation research along with some research I did with colleagues.  This is the BIG one: they have 24,000 members all over the world and almost half attend the meeting.  Presenting counts on the vita and there are lots of graduate students networking to find a post doc.  The program is unbelievable really with presentations, keynotes, and special interest group business meetings and receptions going on non-stop.  After two full days, I was ready for a break so I spent Monday exploring Denver.  Here’s the mosaic…lots more at flickr.

Denver Mosaic

1. On the 16th Street Mall, 2. Daniels and Fisher Tower, 3. P5030413, 4. The Old Prospector, 5. Decorations Along the Street, 6. St. Cajetan’s, 7. The Molly Brown House, 8. 123/365 Along the Street, 9. 120/365 for 2010 The Big Blue Bear, 10. Historic Buildings Along Larimer St., 11. Capital Hill Books, 12. Rockmount Ranchwear Bldg, 13. Union Station, 14. Tattered Cover, 15. P5030420, 16. Fence in Ninth Street Park

I’ve got lots more to tell about books and book stores but I’ll wait. Enjoy the photos!

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