New Year, New Books, New Pictures

It’s January 1st, otherwise known as Resolution Day. According to every show I’ve seen, we put too much pressure on ourselves at the beginning of the year so maybe we should rename it Guidelines Day. In general, what would you like to accomplish this year in general and then more specifically without turning it into the pressure of the every day? I’m using this profundity to justify not joining groups this year.

I am going to continue to post pictures to flickr from both the past and the present, but without the pressure of having to take a new picture every day.

As for books, I made it to 72 this year. That includes analog, digital and audible. And, with the snow, I finally dove into John Adams, the book that I had planned to read first last year.

What I haven’t counted are the number of books I purchased this year. I do hope it wasn’t 72 šŸ˜‰ I do want to try to avoid buying books this year. Learn to love the library and just plow through all the books I own but haven’t read. Catalog the ones I already have as I pack them for the move to their new home: a REAL library room in a 19th century farm house. I really can’t wait to have them displayed and be able to browse. I know there are books I have completely forgotten as well as plenty just begging to be read.

Then there’s blogging: for once in my life, I am free to write about what I would like. The trick is to find the discipline when there are no deadlines other than those that are self imposed. I suppose that’s what the daily challenges are all about. We tend to work better when there are expectations and deadlines. Is it possible to just weave these things in our lives without having to make them a daily regimen. I’m going to experiment with that idea as the new year begins.

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