One Book Leads to Another

Arthur & George has been on my shelf for at least a year, maybe more.  I glanced at it now and then but always passed it by.  When I did pick it up last week, I found it somewhat slow going.  A visit to Wikipedia confirmed that it was based on a true story about Arthur Conan Doyle and I wondered if I even wanted to finish it once I knew the details of the story.

But somewhere along the line, it caught my attention.  I think it was the character of Conan Doyle.  I always picture him looking like Sherlock Holmes, think, beak nose.  But he was  big burly man, an enthusiastic thinker and writer who spent much of his life pursuing justice for people like George Edjali.  He was an ardent spiritualist as well.  His enthusiasm carried me along.

After over a year, I ended up at the library this week and really wanted to check out a book. I checked out other books by Julian Barnes and then found an edition of two of Arthur Conan Doyle’s romances based in 14th century England: The White Company and Sir Nigel. A rowdy good read!

Here’s my only problem…I’ve been working very hard on several different projects.  But today I had free time and just wanted to sit and read.  Problem?  I just can’t seem to concentrate the way I used to, when I would sink into a book and lose track of all time.  Now, all I can think about is what needs to be done either in the way of work or around the house.  But, it’s night time and I’m heading to bed to read…