Book Therapy

With the state technology conference just a few days away, I am a little busy.  But today I just needed a break.  I used some minor conference related errands as an excuse for a little book therapy and slipped into the local Books A Million.  There I found As Always, Julia: The Letters of Julia Child & Avis Devoto.  This is a book that makes connections: I am a Julia fan, having grown up watching her shows.  I read My Life in France earlier this year after being charmed by Meryl Streep’s portrayal in Julie and Julia. And I’m a Lewis & Clark fan.  What’s the connection?  Avis Devoto was married to Bernard Devoto, who edited the versions of the journals we carried with us on our 1998 trip out west.  We visited the DeVoto Grove in northern Idaho, one of the most beautiful parts of the country, in my humble opinion.  I couldn’t find a good picture of the grove itself.

MVC-013FI’ve just started uploading pictures from that trip.  You can take a look: no captions or dates or locations yet.  But not bad for an old Sony Mavica.  We loved that camera and created webpages and uploaded them to the web by buying time at Kinko’s. $12/hour!  The good old days!